Philadelphians have successfully flattened the curve, and the city will enter a modified version of the state’s yellow phase on June 5. However, COVID-19 is still spreading in the city, and any contact poses a risk.

Our Safer at Home reopening plan provides details about how we’ll gradually reopen and the shared responsibilities we all have to keep up our progress. 

View our Safer-at-Home reopening plan, operations guidance for various sectors and activities, and the executive order.

The name of the plan is purposeful: You are still safer at home when it comes to avoiding infection of COVID-19 and stopping the spread to others. 

As the city begins to reopen, we want to continue our progress in limiting COVID-19 cases. That means committing to these three things any time you are outside the home:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Keep at least six feet from others.
  • Wash your hands frequently.

Update: New for yellow phase

These activities can resume on June 26, while Philadelphia is still in the yellow phase:

  • Residential swimming pools and private swim clubs
  • Zoos (outside only)
  • Personal services such as salons, barbers, and spas
  • Small indoor social and religious gatherings (up to 25 people)

Personal activities/behavior

The basics

As some restrictions loosen, Philadelphians will have more reasons to go out and come in contact with others. While we want to restart our economy, we also want to be safe and keep each other healthy. It’s up to all of us to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Guidance and restrictions

  • Avoid gatherings whenever possible. On June 26, small indoor social and religious gatherings of up to 25 people can resume.
  • Keep the number of people you’re in contact with as low as possible. If you do have contact with others, do it as safely as possible:
    • Expanding your circle to include another household or person who has been staying at home consistently is a relatively low-risk option.
    • Staying outside is safer than gathering inside.
  • Travel is allowed but not recommended.
  • When you are near people other than members of your household, always do these three things: Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet away, and wash hands frequently. 


The basics

Playgrounds will reopen for summer camp and individual family activities for children only—not group recreational activities. Parks & Recreation’s parks, athletic fields, and trails remain open. 

Guidance and restrictions

  • Group sports and organized sports leagues are not permitted.
  • Athletic courts remain closed, and the hoops that were removed from basketball courts will not be reinstalled until further notice.
  • Spraygrounds that can restrict to 25 people and enforce physical distancing will open on July 6 as part of the City’s summer programming.

Children and youth

The basics

Childcare centers and summer camps may open. This enables parents and guardians to work, though every family must make the decision that’s best for them.

Guidance and restrictions

  • Like adults, children are safer staying at home during this phase.
  • One relatively lower-risk way to allow your children to play with others: Pick one family that has been staying at home, and agree that your households will socialize only with each other for now.
  • It may be easier to limit the number of children your child plays with rather than restricting their activities, forcing them to stay six feet apart, and making them wear masks.


The basics

As businesses gradually reopen, they must follow protocols to keep employees, customers, and others safe. Guidance will vary by sector, but all businesses must follow our Safety Checklist.

See operations details for specific business types.

Guidance and restrictions

  • These businesses remain closed: indoor recreation; health and wellness facilities; personal care services such as gyms, spas, hair salons, nail salons, and massage therapy providers; and entertainment such as casinos and theaters.
  • Walk-up ordering at restaurants and mobile food vendors, including food trucks, is permitted. These establishments cannot allow lines of more than 10 customers.
  • Outdoor dining can resume on June 12 for businesses that are currently licensed for it, within their existing footprint. Specific guidance on this, as well as an application process for businesses not currently licensed for outdoor dining, are being developed.
  • Dine-in service at restaurants remain prohibited.

Weddings, Celebrations, Religious Services, and Funerals

The basics

The state prohibits gatherings of over 25 people until the green phase, but the Philadelphia Department of Public Health recommends that no gatherings of any size be held until the green phase.

Guidance and restrictions

  • Provide masks for all attendees and require them to wear the masks at all times, except while eating or drinking.
  • Attendees should be at least six feet from others (except for their household members) at all times, even while eating and drinking.
  • Consider offering remote attendance options for those at high risk and to allow for greater social distancing.
  • Follow the Safety Checklist to minimize the likelihood of spread of infection.