Philadelphia water customers enrolled in ZipCheck are missing out on benefits of the City’s new automatic, recurring payment service: AutoPay.

AutoPay not only ensures your bill is paid automatically. It provides free and personalized features that were unavailable before. By switching to AutoPay, you can,

  • Activate recurring payments until further notice, or set an end date.
  • Pay the full bill amount, or a fixed amount.
  • Pay every month (you pick the day), or pay every week.

As part of the City’s new water e-billing website, you can also:

  • Go paperless.
  • Get notifications when your bill is paid.
  • View and print up to 13 months of past bills.

Register for MyPhillyWaterBill

When you sign up for AutoPay, your ZipCheck enrollment ends automatically. You won’t miss a payment, and you won’t be billed twice.

Signing up for AutoPay is free, easy and fast. But you must:

  • Register for MyPhillyWaterBill, and
  • Use a checking or banking account.

Credit or debit card won’t work for AutoPay. To find out more about switching to AutoPay, email, or watch this step-by-step video:

Photo credit: Stephen Riley / Flickr