Rebuild is launching construction at six playgrounds and parks across Philadelphia this spring.

This round of projects includes important upgrades such as roof replacements, new playgrounds, and lighting. The goal is to make each site safer, more accessible, and less susceptible to closure, which has been a chronic issue for Parks and Recreation facilities.

These improvements aren’t just investments in our public spaces; they are also a major investment in the future of Philadelphia’s children.

“Too many Philadelphians know that we’ve had to close facilities because of issues like a leaking roof,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “In addition to that, we have playgrounds that have sat vacant for years, which not only creates an eyesore in the neighborhood, but is also a reminder of what community members don’t have — a safe place for their children to play. These projects are critical, necessary, and will help us ensure that residents don’t suffer from facilities that are forced to close. I don’t think you can put a price tag on that.”

Which sites are receiving improvements?

Here’s a list of sites that are receiving these initial improvements. You can view a list of all Rebuild sites on our website.

  • Moss Playground – new playground and sidewalks
  • Nelson Playground – new roof and building upgrades in addition to other work already in progress
  • Gifford Playground – new playground
  • Hayes Playground – new playground
  • Powers Park – new lighting
  • Jerome Brown Playground – new roof

Some of these sites may get additional investment in the future if more work is needed, depending on the condition of the site. The current work includes improvements that can be completed quickly or completion of projects that were already underway but not fully funded prior to Rebuild.

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