This week, we prepared for the launch of the next phase of the Philadelphia Resilience Project, which is focused on completing the project’s long-term goals. In December, the Mayor authorized the extension of his original executive order, which established the emergency opioid response, until June 30th.

Next week, the Emergency Operations Center will be activated again so that the seven mission areas can plan how they will meet each of their previously announced long-term goals. Each mission area will also be identifying additional long-term goals, an updated list of which will be available to share soon.

In the short-term, we’re focused on executing our third successful large-scale community cleanup, which will be happening during this year’s MLK Weekend of Service on Saturday, January 19th. We encourage residents to visit this form to sign up and receive more information.

We have also convened a Community Advisory Committee, comprised of neighborhood leaders, to give feedback and guide future engagement. The Community Advisory Committee met this week and has already provided helpful feedback on our efforts to reduce trash and litter. They will meet biweekly moving forward.

Right now, the efforts of the Philadelphia Resilience Project remain focused on Kensington and surrounding neighborhoods – the epicenter of the opioid crisis – but we expect to expand to other sections of the city as needed.