(Philadelphia) – Mayor Kenney today signed an executive order that strengthens and clarifies protections for city workers or city contractors who report potential waste or wrongdoing by their supervisors or co-workers.

“This is about protecting City workers, and employees of City contractors and subcontractors, who do the right thing.  And ultimately, this is about protecting taxpayer dollars,” said the Mayor.  “While there are whistleblower protections at the federal and state level, the City has long lacked clarity about its own protections, and this Executive Order provides that.”

The Executive Order, which takes effect immediately, marks the first time the City has spelled out a framework for recourse should whistleblowers believe they have been obstructed from, or retaliated against, for making good faith reports of wrongdoing.  The Order covers the City’s Executive Branch, its contractors and subcontractors.

“This Executive Order shows that the City is serious about maintaining a strong ethical culture,” said Inspector General Amy Kurland. “It ensures that we will do everything in our power to protect those who are courageous enough to come forward to help right serious wrongs.”

Highlights of the new order include:

  1. Providing specific definitions of retaliation, good faith reporting and whistleblower.
  2. Protecting covered employees from retaliation after a good faith report of, or participation in an investigation or hearing about, official wrongdoing or waste.
  3. Mandating notice of whistleblower reports, and remedial actions, to the Inspector General.
  4. Confirming the right of whistleblowers to seek judicial review.

The new Executive Order takes effect immediately.  Copies available on request.