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City of Philadelphia

Historic Preservation Task Force

Mayor Kenney has created a historic preservation task force to help the City reassess how Philadelphia preserves its historic resources. The task force will explore strategies and make recommendations regarding:

• surveying historic resources
• incentivizing adaptive reuse
• regulating for preservation outcomes
• educating residents and builders about the value of preservation

The task force includes experts in historic preservation, development, archaeology, land use and architecture. It also includes community members to ensure that our neighborhoods are represented.

Historic Preservation Task Force Members

Harris Steinberg, Task Force Chair
Leo Addimando, Building Industry Association
Peter Angelides, Financial Analyst
Oscar Beisert, Preservationist
Duane Bumb, Commerce
Cathy Califano, Planning & Development
Carl Dress, Historic Preservation Committee, AIA Philadelphia
Mike Fink, Licenses and Inspections
Patrick Grossi, Preservation Alliance
Julia Gutstadt, Urban Land Institute
Nan Gutterman, Historic Preservation Architect
Dominique Hawkins, Preservation Architect-Planner
David Hollenberg, University Architect at Penn
Lou Iatarola, Community Representative
Bob Jaeger, Partners for Sacred Places
Roland Kassis, Developer
Cory Kegerise, PA Historical & Museum Commission
Melissa Long, Division of Housing and Community Development
Randy Mason, Historic Preservation Academic
Shawn McCaney, William Penn Foundation
Matt McClure, Land Use Attorney
Doug Mooney, Archaeologist
Justino Navarro, Community Representative
Apurna Palatino, Parks & Recreation
Laura Spina, Planning Commission
Mark Squilla, City Council
Bob Thomas, Historical Commission
Seri Worden, National Trust for Historic Preservation
James Wright, Community Development Corporation