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City of Philadelphia

Current Applications

The following applications are under consideration by the Architectural Committee and Historical Commission. Please note that applications may be revised, and the most up-to-date application materials are available at the Historical Commission's office.

Agenda - Architectural Committee meeting, Jan. 23, 2018

2400 Pine Street - Demolish building; construct 3-story house
1701-15 Locust Street - Replace windows, door, and awnings
123 S 18th Street - Paint building gray
2027 Walnut Street - Relocate ATM; replace awning
1834 Delancey Place - Replace windows; construct roof deck, elevator shaft, additions at rear
109 Elfreths Alley - Remove non-historic addition; construct additions and roof deck; replace windows
135 S 18th Street - Install canopy at main entry
2108 Green Street - Install front door