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Bike share is coming to Philadelphia! What is bike share? Bike share is a network of public bikes. Starting in spring 2015, bikes will be available for pick up and drop off at 60 convenient stations across Philadelphia, in Center City and parts of North, South, and West Philadelphia. Bike share will expand further in future years.
City of Philadelphia recently launched a public outreach initiative surrounding bike share station planning. Over five weeks, the City received around 10,000 public comments on 100 potential station locations via an online map, in-person surveys, and text message surveys. To see a map of potential station locations and learn how many people commented on each station, visit  

Philly Bike Share

Why are these stations in consideration?
The possible locations shown on the map were identified based on a number of factors including:
  • Population density
  • Employment, shopping, cultural, and recreational destinations
  • Bike lanes
  • Available space
  • Site visits
  • Meetings with stakeholders such as Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, SEPTA, universities, property owners, and community groups
  • Thousands of bike share suggestions made over the past year by Philadelphians via a crowd-sourced bike share map run by a local bike share advocacy organization