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City of Philadelphia

PaRC Members

Nancy Goldenberg (Chair) is Vice President of Planning, Development & Research, Center City District; Executive Director, Center City District Foundation; founder of the Philadelphia Outward Bound Center; and Chair of Summer Search Philadelphia.

Andrew Denison
 is the Senior Copy Director for TJPaul, a creative marketing and communications agency; serves as President of the Lloyd Hall Advisory Council; and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Summer Winter Community Garden and the Fairmount Sports Association Board of Directors.

Debra Wolf Goldstein
is the president of Conservation Matters, LLC, a legal and consulting firm with a focus on land conservation issues.

Jeffrey Hackett
is the president of the Helen G. Sturgis Advisory Board, on the Executive Board of the Melrose Park Gardens Civic Association and Chair of the 35th Police District Advisory Council.

Matthew Perks is a lawyer in the District Attorney's Office and currently serves on the Friends of Rittenhouse Square Board.

Carol Rice
is retired from the Department of Recreation and currently serves as the Chairman of the Warrington Township Park and Recreation Board.

Sarah Clark Stuart
is Campaign Director at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and co-coordinator of the Schuylkill River Park Alliance.

James Straw
is a retired partner of KSK Architects Planners Historians, Inc. and current board member of the Mann Center for the Performing Arts. Formerly he served as Chair of both the John Bartram Association Board and the Philadelphia Flower Show and was a member of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Council.

Ex-officio Members

Donald Carlton, Commissioner, Streets

Bridget Collins-Greenwald
, Commissioner, Public Property

Derrick Ford
, Designee of Council President Darrell Clarke

Gary Jastrzab
, Executive Director, Philadelphia Planning Commission

Debra McCarty
, Commissioner, Philadelphia Water Department

Kathryn Ott Lovell
, Commissioner, Department of Parks and Recreation

PaRC Committees

  • Communications & Public Engagement
  • Land Use Planning & Design
  • Programming
  • Public Safety
  • Revenue Enhancement