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Dead tree, report a

What to do if you see a dead tree in your neighborhood.

Dog run, request a

Learn how to get a dog run in your local park. A dog run is a fenced-in, safe area where well-behaved dogs can play off leash.

Downed tree, report a

What to do if a tree falls during a storm.

Events in Philadelphia parks

Calendar of special events scheduled to take place in Philadelphia parks and recreation centers.

Friends and community group event permit, get a

This service will help Friends groups and community groups get a permit for an event at a neighborhood park.

Large event or festival permit, get a

Use this permit if you are an event organizer planning an event, or want to use certain equipment.

Lifeguard, become a

Information about becoming a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation lifeguard.

Married in LOVE Park, get

How to get married or renew your vows in front of Philadelphia’s landmark LOVE sculpture as part of Wedding Wednesdays.

Media permit, apply for a

Use this form to apply for a permit to film or take still photos on Parks & Rec property.

Organic materials, dispose of

How to dispose of mulch, compost, or other organic materials for a cost at the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center.

Organic materials, get

How to get free or low-cost compost, mulch, and wood chips at the Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center.

Parks & Recreation Historic Archive, make an appointment at the

Information about making an appointment at the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Historic Archive.

Parks & Recreation activities, find

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation offers activities for everyone. To find activities, use the Parks & Rec finder.

Parks & Recreation facility or field, reserve a

You need a permit to reserve part of a Parks & Rec facility for group activity. You also need a permit to use outdoor fields for sports.

Parks & Recreation space, use a

Learn about getting a permit to use or reserve a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation space. Permits are recommended for all events.

Parks & Recreation venue, rent a

Rent a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation venue for your event.

Parks & Recreation youth program, enroll in a

How to sign up for a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation youth program.

Philadelphia Activities Fund grant, apply for a

Apply for money from the Philadelphia Activities Fund.

Picnic permit, get a

If you want to reserve a space for a picnic, you'll need to apply for a picnic permit.

Playground or recreation center, find a

Resources to help you find a playground, recreation center, or athletic field in Philadelphia.

Street tree maintenance, request

Request maintenance for a tree on your street.

Street tree, get a

Get a free tree planted on the street in front of your home, business, or other property.

Summer camp, register for

Enroll in a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation summer camp.

Swimming pool, find a

Link to Philadelphia’s free indoor public pools, which are open year-round, and link to list of free outdoor public pools open in summer.

Trail permit, get a

Get a permit to use trails in Philadelphia.

Tree related services

Services related to getting or taking care of street and yard trees.

Wedding ceremony or photo permit, get a

Get a permit to have your wedding ceremony or take wedding photos at popular Parks & Rec sites.

Yard tree, get a

Philadelphia property owners can get a free tree for their yard from TreePhilly.