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Did you know?

- The City's high school graduation rate was 64% for the class of 2013, up from 53% in 2007.

- The City is investing $12.3 million in its largest downtown buildings, which will reduce energy consumption by over 20%.

- In one month alone, Philadelphia residents recycled more than 9,400 tons, which saved the City more than $600,000 in landfill fees.  In 2012, recycling saved the City over $8 million in fees.

About PhillyStat

The mission of PhillyStat is to define, measure, and track the Mayor’s goals. We work with departments to set performance targets, measure overall performance, and through reporting, provide transparency to the public on how the city is performing.

Mayor's Goals

Mayor Michael Nutter has five strategic goals for his administration. Together they create his vision for a safer, smarter, healthier, and greener Philadelphia. PhillyStat tracks and measures these goals.

Reports and Presentations

The Mayor is committed to transparency about the City's performance. Click on this section for information about various departments.

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