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About PhillyStat

PhillyStat's mission is three-fold: (1) Define, measure, and track the Mayor's five strategic goals, (2) Drive excellence across the City through the implementation of performance management tools, and (3) Improve transparency on the City's performance through public reporting and communication.

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Mayor's Goals

Mayor Michael Nutter has five strategic goals for his administration. Together they create his vision for a safer, smarter, healthier, & greener City with a government that is responsive & effective. PhillyStat tracks & measures these goals.

Departmental Presentations

PhillyStat facilitates the regular review of performance data with major city departments. These meetings allow senior City leaders to discuss key strategies and challenges facing the departments as they work towards achieving their performance targets. These presentations are posted online.

What's New

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Did you know?

- Literacy and job training programming participation in the Philadelphia Prisons System has increased from 56% to 78% since 2009.  

- The Department of Human Services was recognized by the United Nations with a 2013 Public Service Award for improving the delivery of public services.

- The overall Philadelphia homeless housing inventory increased by 50 percent between 2008 and 2012.

- Greenworks has completed or made progress on 95% of its 160 initiatives.