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About PhillyStat

PhillyStat is one of the programs for the City of Philadelphia's Performance Management unit.

The goals of the PhillyStat program are:

• To drive better results and services, by maintaining a focus on problem-solving and process improvement;
• To bring the right information to the table, by integrating operational, financial, and other relevant information into performance sessions;
• To set meaningful measures and targets in a collaborative fashion;
• To manage to consistent priorities, by placing emphasis on the Mayor’s top priorities;
• To better communicate with stakeholders.

PhillyStat holds regular meetings between city and department leadership. These meetings are attended by senior officials including the Mayor, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, department heads, and leaders of Finance, IT, Human Resources, and other operating agencies. Through these meetings, City leaders are able to align city-wide performance strategies, increase departmental accountability, and better understand progress towards achieving departments’ goals. The topic for these meetings mirrors the quarterly reports from Finance that spotlight a different Mayor’s strategic goal each quarter. For more information on the measures identified in the Quarterly City Managers Report (QCMR), please visit the Finance Department. More information can also be found in our department presentations.

PhillyStat was created under Mayor Nutter's administration to bring transparency to departmental performance in the delivery of services for our residents. Over time, the scope of the program has evolved. However, the core of what we do remains the same: to increase organizational effectiveness and capabilities and to bring alignment in plans, processes, decisions, people, actions and results that bring improved value to our residents.
In addition to reporting, the Performance Management team also provides these services:
  • Internal Consulting: Internal consulting activities include guidance and leadership on departmental strategic planning, survey execution & analysis and qualitative research to support departments on long term strategic priorities and customer research.
  • Capacity Building: PhillyStat works with departments to increase their internal capacity to continually monitor and assess organizational performance through technical trainings. As a result, departments and their employees become more confident and self-sufficient in managing their data and reporting responsibilities.
  • Data Analytics: PhillyStat is continually looking for opportunities to help departments pursue data driven decision making. By supporting and training employees on data analytics and process improvement techniques, departments are empowered to organize, analyze and validate data to increase program effectiveness and identify strategies for improvement.