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City Hall
Room 167
Phila, PA 19107

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(215) 686-8686

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Get Answers from 311

Directory Assistance »
What's the number for my local police station?

Information Services »
What day will my trash be picked up?

Service Requests »
Can you send someone to fix the pothole on my street?

Updates on Special Events »
What is the route of the parade?

311 For Non-Emergency Calls

911 is for emergencies only.

For all non-emergency City services or information, call 311.

Everyone Can Call 311

The 311 service is available to anyone who needs to know more about Philadelphia, City services, or general information. Residents, businesses, and visitors are all encouraged to call.

Calling 311 is Easy

If you are calling about updates on special events, or other general information, your inquiry is answered immediately. If you are trying to contact a specific City employee, your call will be transferred. If you are calling for a service request, a work order is placed and sent to the proper department. Callers seeking City services will receive a tracking number to follow-up on their request through the web site or by calling 311.

Improving City Services

The 311 Contact Center records service requests from citizens and advise the caller of the expected time frame for resolution. This data is provided to PhillyStat so they can hold City Departments accountable for responding to the needs of Philadelphia residents in a timely manner.