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Request a hearing for a proposed regulation

Departments, boards, and commissions can make regulations that help them carry out their duties. Creating or changing a regulation involves several steps. As part of this process, any member of the public can request a hearing on the proposed regulation.

You can view every regulation that has been proposed since 2014 on the Department of Records website. There, you can also find:

  • Scheduled hearing dates.
  • Hearing reports.
  • Final regulations.

The regulation process

A department proposes a new or amended regulation.

Departments can propose a new regulation or change a current regulation. The department must send the proposal to the Law Department for review and approval. Then, the department files the approved draft with the Department of Records.

The Department of Records shares the proposal.

Once the department has filed their proposed regulation, a 30-day review period begins. The Department of Records posts the proposed regulation online. They also advertise the proposal in three newspapers:

  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Philadelphia Daily News
  • Legal Intelligencer
Any member of the public can request a hearing.

Anyone can request a public hearing during the 30-day review period. This period starts on the filing date.

To request a public hearing, send an email to You can also request a hearing by mailing a letter to:

Attn: Regulations
City of Philadelphia Department of Records
City Hall, Room 156
Philadelphia, PA 19107

If there’s a request for a public hearing, the department will schedule one. The city solicitor also attends the hearing.

After the hearing, the department creates a report. The report either reaffirms the proposal or modifies it, with approval of the Law Department. The department must file this report with the Department of Records.

The regulation is finalized.

If the Department of Records doesn’t receive any hearing requests within 30 days, the regulation becomes law. The regulation takes effect at the end of the 30-day period.

If there is a hearing, the regulation takes effect 10 days after the report is filed.