Department of Records - City of Philadelphia

Campaign Finance SmartClient Installation and Use

What is the Campaign Finance SmartClient?


The Campaign Finance SmartClient is a freely distributable software application sponsored by the Philadelphia Department of Records, designed to allow Candidates, Committees, and Lobbyists to enter and maintain their official Campaign Finance records on a local computer, and to file Reports and Statements online. It can also be used to print Campaign Finance Reports and Statements Forms as well as export to text files as specified by Pennsylvania Department of State.

Although the Campaign Finance SmartClient provides functionality to support filers, it is still the filers' responsibility to ensure that the correct information is filed.


Installing a Copy of the SmartClient onto your Computer


Before attempting to install a copy of the SmartClient on your computer, you must make sure your computer is running either a copy of Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista with the most up-to-date service packs.


There are two ways to obtain a copy of the SmartClient installation (choose one):

Once you have launched the installation from either location, a setup wizard will guide you through the process. Simply click "Accept" when prompted for any components that need to install, and click "Install" when prompted.


A shortcut to launch the program will be placed on both your computer desktop and in your Start menu under the newly created "City of Philadelphia" folder.