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Campaign Finance Reports

Welcome to the Department of Records Campaign Finance Home Page. Here you can learn more about what a Campaign Finance Report is, what the filing requirements are, and who has to submit them. To learn about how to create and submit a report, read through the complete guide to filing a report.


Campaign Finance Filing Center

For information about the Filing Center, please contact the Records Department, room 156, City Hall, 215-686-2261.


What is a Campaign Finance Report?
Campaign Finance Reports are reports detailing contributions, receipts, expenditures, and debts for candidates, committees, or lobbyists. Candidates and their supporting committees also must include their office, district, county, and party. Each contribution, receipt, expenditure, and debt contains a name, address, date, amount, and description of the transaction. In addition, contributions over $250 must contain employment information of the contributor. Finally, the totals of all contributions, receipts, expenditures, and debts must be calculated along with the beginning and ending account balance for the reporting cycle.


Why are Campaign Finance Reports Important?
Public and private entities use these reports to examine the source of political candidates' contributions, how campaigns are spending the money, and how many total funds are still available. Additionally, because there are strict laws on how much an individual, business, or committee can contribute to a candidate, the Philadelphia Board of Ethics uses these reports to make sure candidates, committees, lobbyists, and individuals are in compliance with the law.


How often do Campaign Finance Reports need to be submitted?
Each year is divided into seven reporting periods (not including special reporting periods like 24 hour reporting cycles in the Spring and Fall), or cycles, for which candidates, committees, and lobbyists may or may not need to file. See the official filing dates for more details.


Searching the Campaign Finance Database
Four methods are available for searching Campaign Finance information on file with the City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics and Records Department.  Click HERE FOR SEARCH OPTIONS.