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If you are not sure if you have a homeownership problem:

On the Board of Revision of Taxes (BRT) website, type in your property address and click "Search".  The property owner's name and other information should appear.


On the Hallwatch website, sign up for a free account by clicking "Sign up" at the very top of the page.  After registering, log in and click on "Property by Address" in the middle column.  Type in your address and click "Go!"   A property report should appear listing the owner and other information.


IMPORTANT:  Although the internet is a good starting place to determine whether you have a homeownership problem, sometimes information provided on these webpages is not entirely accurate.   The only way to ensure that you have accurate information is to go to the Department of Records in person


The Department of Records' office is in City Hall, Room 154.  When you get here, ask to see the most recent deed recorded for your property.  (It is best to ask for a copy that you can keep, which will cost around $10.00.)  The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.


If your name is not listed on the deed as a "grantee", you are not legally an owner of the property.  You should contact one of the legal services agencies listed on this site right away.


If your name is listed on the deed as a "grantee," but someone else's name is also listed, you and the other person together own the property.  If that information is not correct, you should contact one of the legal services agencies.