Department of Records - City of Philadelphia
RECORDS : Document Recording

Reference Division

The Reference Division has three functions:

Helpful Brochures containing contact information for and summarizing the activities of the Reference Division

Information Request

  1. Ownership of the properties located within the city of Philadelphia limits.
  2. Documents recorded within the Records Department and the information on those documents.
  3. Consideration of sales price of the property.
  4. Grantor or grantee of the property.
  5. Date of the document or the recording date of that document.
  6. Identity of the kind or type of document recorded.
  7. Market value or assessed value of the property.
  8. Frontage, depth and total area of the property.
  9. Registry (parcel) or plot and plan numbers.

Copies of the Documents

Copies of the documents recorded in the Records Department - the types of documents that are recorded are as follows:

  1. Deed - instrument code (D)
  2. Mortgage - instrument code (M)
  3. Assignment of Mortgage - instrument code (A)
  4. Release of Mortgage - instrument code (R)
  5. Satisfaction of Mortgage -  instrument code (S)
  6. Notary Public Commission and Bond - instrument code (NP)
  7. Railroad/Police Commission - instrument code (RC)
  8. Power of Attorney - instrument code (PA)
  9. Uniform Commercial Code - instrument code (UU)

The fee for copies of these documents is $2.00 per page.  An extra $2.00 will be charged for the certification of any document.


Liens and judgments are not located in this department.  They are located in the Office of Judicial Records, Room 262 City Hall.  Title searches are not done by the Records Department.  They are done by Title Insurance Companies that are listed in the yellow pages.


Customer Service Standards

Copies of documents will be made the same day


Lender Out-of-Business - Mortgage Not Satisfied

In order to have a load satisfied of record when the original lender is out-of-business, you need to Contact the PA Department of Banking, 1-800-722-2657, and ask whether there is a successor company to the company that went out-of-business.