Department of Records - City of Philadelphia
RECORDS : Campaign Finance

Filing Rules and Registration

Electronic Filing is Required
Campaign Finance filers in Philadelphia are required to file their reports electronically.  The Electronic Filing Memo explains the requirements.

Filing Regulations
Regulations issued by the Philadelphia Board of Ethics govern the manner in which campaign finance reports must be filed.  The regulations and technical specifications are found in the Filing Rules.

Who is Required to File?
For information on who must file, please contact the Philadelphia Board of Ethics at 215-686-9450.

Penalties - In accordance with the Campaign Finance Reporting Law, those who file required reports after the filing deadline are assessed a late filing fee of $20 per day for the first six days that a report is late, and $10 per day thereafter, up to a maximum penalty of $250.

Special Election
In the event of any special election, candidates and committees should contact this Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Commissions, Elections, and Legislation regarding reporting requirements and filing deadlines.

Political Committee Treasurers
It is the treasurer's responsibility to file required committee reports. Keep this schedule available for reference prior to each reporting deadline. If you need a reporting form, you may print one from the State Department's website or request one from the Bureau of Commissions, Elections, and Legislation. You may also file your report online. Please remember that all reports must include your filer identification number on the cover page.

If you have any questions about Pennsylvania's Campaign Finance Reporting Law or reporting requirements, please direct them to the State Campaign Finance Division at
(717) 787-5280 or via e-mail at