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City of Philadelphia

Public Property

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For Real Estate:
Jeannette Luna

For Capital Projects:
Kimberly White

For Facilities Management:
Shaniece Howard
The Department of Public Property was established under the terms of the City Charter of 1951 to provide for the maintenance and acquisition of City property.

Capital Projects

The Capital Programs Division is responsible for maximizing the value of taxpayers’ capital investment in public facilities.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for the operation, service, repair and maintenance of many City owned facilities and property. The total square footage of all facilities is nearly 4.5 million.

Real Estate

Responsible for lease negotiations and contracting for the City both as tenant and as landlord, the disposition of surplus properties, the acquisition of property for City projects, the renovations for new facilities, and implementing space allocation decisions.

Our vision at the Department of Public Property is to ensure that all DPP controlled facilities are operated in a safe and habitable condition in support of government operations and public access.
We responsibly serve the City's workforce and community by providing quality facilities and work spaces of which we are proud.


  • Captial Projects
  • Facilities Management
  • Real Estate

Senior Staff

  • Bridget Collins-Greenwald
  • Dominique Casimir
  • Lori Davey
  • Steve Hartner
  • Ken Heil
  • Thomas McDade
  • Alan Urek