As the nation’s first World Heritage City, the City of Philadelphia is proud to celebrate the culture and heritage of the many immigrant communities that call our city home. The flags on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway—Philadelphia’s museum and cultural mile—are an iconic source of pride for the city and a representation of its rich culture. Yet over the course of time and due to weather conditions, the flags inevitably become worn and tattered and must be replaced.

We recognize that flags in such conditions are no longer a fitting emblem, and can be disrespectful, which is why we aim to replace them semiannually. This year, due to the number of flags that have become worn, and requests to replace them from residents and visitors, the City made the decision to remove all flags while we work to replace them expeditiously. We look forward to returning brand-new flags to the Parkway soon and having them proudly represent the diverse communities of Philadelphia again.

It is important to note that the City is only replacing the existing flags of the countries that currently fly on the Parkway. Flags will be returned to their original flag poles, and signage will stay the same. Due to limited space on the Parkway, the City regrettably is unable to evaluate new, additional country flag requests at this time.