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Department of Public Property


The Department of Public Property (DPP) mission is to responsibly serve the City’s workforce and community by providing quality facilities and work spaces. DPP manages properties within the City through four divisions.


The Administration Division manages the operations of DPP. It contains the Human Resources, Fiscal/Budget, and Inventory/Procurement Units.

Real Estate and Planning

The Real Estate Division guides the use, purchase, and sale of City property.

The division’s responsibilities include:

  • Lease negotiations and contracting for the City.
  • Changing vacant land from public to private ownership.
  • Getting property for City projects.
  • Planning and designing space used by City departments.
  • Staff relocations.

Capital programs

Capital programs are major construction, renovation, and rehabilitation projects that improve City facilities. They exceed $15,000 and have a useful life of at least five years.

To make the most of the City’s investments, the Capital Programs Division uses:

  • Budget planning.
  • Financial controls.
  • Project management.

Facilities Management (Field Operations & Quad-Plex)

The Facilities Management Divisions make sure the City’s work environments are clean and safe.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance.
  • Renovations.
  • Janitorial services.
  • Special events.
  • Building security.

The Field Operations Division supports locations for Police, Fire, the Managing Director’s Office, Fleet, Riverview, and the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

The Quad-Plex Division handles City Hall, One Parkway Building, Municipal Services Building, and Criminal Justice Center.