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Zero Waste initiatives

Zero Waste Partnership

Businesses and organizations committed to zero waste practices can join the Zero Waste Partnership. The City recognizes and rewards partners for their actions.

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To participate in the Zero Waste Partnership, organizations report on their Zero Waste Actions and monthly waste diversion rates. They also complete the required Commercial Waste Report each year.

Zero Waste Actions include:

  • Composting.
  • Sustainable product purchasing.
  • Implementing zero waste education.
  • Donating excess stock.

Benefits of partnership

By joining the Zero Waste Partnership, you can:

  • Show patrons that your organization is committed to making Philadelphia a cleaner and more sustainable city. Partners receive a branded decal and partnership certificate.
  • Become eligible for the Sustainable Business Tax Credit.
  • Access Zero Waste Partnership tools and tips.
  • Be recognized on Zero Waste Partnership promotional materials.

How to join

File a Commercial Waste Report for your property.

Commercial property owners in Philadelphia must submit a Commercial Waste Report each year. These reports provide the City with important information about waste management in Philadelphia.

Fill out the Zero Waste Partnership form within the same portal.
Each month, use the Zero Waste Partnership form to submit your property's waste diversion rate.
Complete and maintain Zero Waste Action #1.

Zero Waste Action #1 is to comply with Philadelphia’s recycling ordinances.

If you complete more action items, you may be eligible for a higher-tier partnership.

Zero Waste Partners

There are three levels of Zero Waste Partners:

  • Partner: Any property that submits a Zero Waste Partnership form monthly and checks off Zero Waste Action #1 (implement the actions and initiatives required by the City’s waste and recycling ordinances).
  • Silver: A property that achieves 7 out of 10 Zero Waste Actions and a 70% waste diversion rate.
  • Gold: A property that achieves 9 out of 10 Actions and a 90% waste diversion rate.

View the Commercial Waste Report Guide for the list of 10 Zero Waste Actions.

Current partners

Organization ZIP code Partnership level Date of partnership enrollment
Remark Glass 19148 Gold January 2019
Simply Good Jars 19143 Gold May 2019
Anthony’s Italian Coffee & Chocolate House, Inc. 19147 Silver July 2019
Kitchen Garden Textiles 19128 Silver May 2021
Lobo Mau 19148 Silver October 2020
The Rounds 19103 Silver February 2021
Two Logan Square 19103 Silver January 2019
Wagner Free Institute of Science 19121 Silver September 2019
DiPinto Guitars 19125 Partner January 2019
D&L Bar and Beer 19131 Partner December 2019
Greener Little Seeds, LLC 19125 Partner May 2019
Oat Foundry 19137 Partner February 2020
One Logan Square 19103 Partner January 2019
ShopRite of Fox Street 19129 Partner December 2019
ShopRite of Island Ave. 19153 Partner December 2019
ShopRite of Oregon Ave. 19145 Partner December 2019
ShopRite of Parkside 19131 Partner December 2019
ShopRite of Roxborough 19128 Partner December 2019
The Fresh Grocer of Monument Road 19131 Partner December 2019
The Rittenhouse Hotel 19102 Partner November 2019
Three Logan Square 19103 Partner January 2019
University of Pennsylvania 19104 Partner April 2021