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Zero Waste initiatives

Municipal Building Waste Audit

The Municipal Building Waste Audit aims to get City building operators and staff to think more about the waste they generate and how they can keep more of their waste out of landfills.

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Levels of participation

Level 1: Required annual reporting

All municipal facility managers must report on:

  • Which materials the building generates.
  • The waste haulers servicing the facility.

Submit the Municipal Building Waste Audit Form by December 31 each year.

Level 2: Optional monthly zero waste reporting

Municipal facility managers can report on the waste management practices at their facilities in greater detail and learn more about opportunities for waste diversion. To do so, they complete the optional Monthly Zero Waste Reporting Form.

Building managers can achieve different levels of recognition as zero waste partners by:

  • Going above and beyond to pursue zero waste in their buildings.
  • Completing the monthly reporting form.

How to participate

Download the Municipal Building Waste Audit Guide for detailed information on:

  • Requirements for the Municipal Building Waste Audit.
  • How to fulfill program requirements.
  • Resources for identifying opportunities to reduce and divert your building’s waste.

If you have questions about the program, email


Department of Public Property

  • ACCT/Vector Control Facility
  • City Hall
  • CLIP/Public Property Warehouse
  • Eakins House
  • Family Court/Zone 4 Headquarters
  • Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice
  • MEU/Employee Health Services
  • Mini City Hall – North
  • Mini City Hall – Northeast
  • Municipal Services Building
  • Northeast Service Center
  • One Parkway Building
  • Radio Shop
  • RISE
  • Riverview Nursing Home/Zones 2 & 11 Headquarters
  • Public Property Warehouse/Zones 1 & 8 Headquarters
  • Public Property Warehouse/Zones 2, 9, & 11 Headquarters
  • Police Tow Squad/Zone 3 Headquarters
  • Zone 5 Headquarters

Fire Department

  • Fire Administration Building
  • Fire Department Warehouse
  • Fire EMS Facility
  • Philadelphia Fire Academy

Free Library of Philadelphia

  • Andorra Library
  • Free Library of Philadelphia’s Culinary Literacy Center

Office of Fleet Management/Department of Public Property

  • Garage 2019 – PNE
  • Garage 357 – Streets/Fleet Shop

Parks & Recreation

  • Lloyd Hall

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)

  • Corporate Headquarters

Police Department

  • 660 E. Erie
  • Abandoned Car Unit
  • Police 1st District
  • Police 2nd/15th District
  • Police 3rd/4th District
  • Police 8th District
  • Police 9th District
  • Police 18th District/Southwest Detective Unit
  • Police 22nd/23rd District
  • Police 24th/25th District
  • Police 35th District
  • Police Academy/K9/Bomb Squad
  • Police AID Unit/Accident Investigation Unit
  • Police Forensic Science Center/Forensic Lab
  • Police IMPACT
  • Police Internal Affairs
  • Police Training Academy
  • Strike Force/Police Narcotics Unit

Water Department

  • Baxter Water Treatment Plant
  • Bureau of Laboratory Services
  • Queen Lane Water Treatment Plant