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Keystone Opportunity Zones

Using tax exemptions to increase investment in areas lacking development.​


Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZs) are areas designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that would benefit from additional investment. Businesses in these areas are exempt from most business taxes. The Department of Commerce manages this program for properties in Philadelphia.

KOZs target sites that are:

  • Abandoned.
  • Unused.
  • Underutilized.

Properties and businesses located within these designated zones pay little-to-no state and local business taxes.

This is done through:

  • Tax credits.
  • Tax waivers.
  • Broad-based tax abatements.

The tax relief is temporary.


1515 Arch St., 12th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

What taxes are waived or reduced?

City taxes

*While Real Estate tax is abated for most KOZ properties, those added to the program after 2016 must enter a PILOT agreement with the City. The PILOT agreement requires the property owner to make partial payments in place of the taxes that would otherwise be due.

Process and eligibility

Your business or property must be located in a Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) to be eligible for KOZ incentives.

Click on the highlighted areas within the map to see eligible KOZs.

  • Keystone Opportunity Zone

Application details

  • To be approved, you must be up to date on all City and State taxes.
  • You must be compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The application is available through the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Businesses must resubmit applications yearly.
  • Deadline to apply is December 31.

A list of properties with full addresses, OPA numbers, and expiration dates can be accessed here.

Apply for the program

After you've determined your eligibility, download, fill out, and submit the application.