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InStore Forgivable Loan Program

Helping businesses buy equipment and make interior improvements.

What we do

The InStore Forgivable Loan Program helps existing businesses expand and new businesses become established on targeted commercial corridors.

InStore approves a limited number of projects each year for forgivable loans.

Loan details

  • $15,000 to $100,000 to purchase equipment or fit out a commercial property
  • No payments, no interest for 5 years
  • Forgiven after five years if the business remains open and operating at the location

The InStore Forgivable Loan Program is a program of the Department of Commerce.

Beginning in 2022, InStore expanded its eligibility and loan amount with funding through the Neighborhood Preservation Initiative.


InStore Forgivable Loan Program
1515 Arch St., 12th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Process and eligibility

What kind of businesses can apply?

Retail and food businesses can apply.

InStore approves a limited number of projects each year. It is only available to projects that:

  • Increase business activity in a commercial corridor that has seen limited private investment.
  • Will provide affordable goods and services to the local community.

The pre-application lists other funding considerations. Applicants cannot start work or buy equipment until they get written approval from the Department of Commerce.

Businesses must be located on an eligible commercial corridor

A list of eligible corridors can be found on page seven of the application. If you have questions about your project's eligibility, contact

Apply for the InStore program

InStore approves a limited number of projects each year. If your business is on an approved corridor, you may submit a pre-application