Office of Risk Management

Directives and Guidances

Administrative (A) - Directives

A-1      Minimum Standards for Departmental Safety Programs Directive
A-2      Safety and Health Mission and Policy Directive
A-3      Designated Safety Coordinator Directive
A-4      Assignment of Safety Responsibilities Directive
A-5      Hazard Identification Directive
A-6      Occupational Health Services Directive
A-7      Industrial Hygiene Services Directive
A-8      Accident, Injury, & Illness Program Training Directive
A-9      Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Directive
            A-9      EAP Policy for All City Facilities
            A-9      EAP Posting of Emergency Info (Fillable Form)
            A-9      EAP Posting of Emergency Info w/ AED Locations (Fillable Form)
            A-9      EAP Dept Site-Specific Procedures (Fillable Form)
            A-9      EAP - City Hall Site Specific Emergency Procedures (2012)
            A-9      EAP - CJC Site Specific Procedures (2013)
            A-9      EAP - MSB Site Specific Procedures (2013)
            A-9      EAP - OPB Site Specific Procedures (2013)
A-10    Employee Safety Suggestion Program Directive
A-11    Employee Involvement Methods Directive
            A-11    EIM – Appendix 1 – Structure for Safety Committees
            A-11    EIM – Appendix 2 – Member Roster for Safety Committees
A-12    Safety Rules and Enforcement Program Directive
A-13    [reserved for future directive]
A-14    First Aid, CPR, and Other Emergency Care Directive
A-15    Evaluating the Safety and Health Program Directive
A-16    Safety and Health Goals and Objectives (G&O) Directive 
            A-16    G&O – Addendum 3A – Traditional Form
            A-16    G&O - Addendum 3B - Quarterly Target Form

Specific Program (P) – Directives

P-1       Driver’s License Verification Program
P-2       Vehicle Crash Reporting Procedure
P-3       Bloodborne Pathogens Prevention and Response Program
            P-3       Appendix A - PEP Counseling & Follow-up
            P-3       Appendix B - BBP Exposure Report Form
            P-3       Appendix C - Exposure Determination Sheet
            P-3       Appendix D - Sharps Log
            P-3       Appendix E - HBV Vaccination Record Sheet
            P-3       Appendix F - HBV Vaccination Declination Form
            P-3       Appendix G - Significant Exposure Form (EXAMPLE)
            P-3       Appendix H - BBP Source Patient Consent Form
P-4       Communicable Disease Policy
P-5       Tuberculosis Exposure Control Program
P-6       Heat Stress Policy
P-7       Bomb Threat Procedures
            P-7       Bomb Threat Procedures – Triplex
            P-7       Bomb Threat Procedures – Citywide
            P-7       Bomb Threat Procedures – Appendix – Threat Checklist Card
P-8       Mercury Spill Response Procedures & Cleanup
P-9       Handling Mail and Suspicious Mail Packages
P-10       Automated External Defibrillators (AED) at City Facilities
            P-10       Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Standard Operating Procedures

Guidances (G)

G-1      Indoor Air Quality
G-2      Thermal Comfort
           G-2      Thermal Comfort Attachment – MDO Indoor Thermal Comfort Policy
G-3      [reserved for future program]
Mold Assessment Process for Departments
Mold Quick Tip Info Sheet
Mold Remediation & Water Damage at City of Phila

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