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Zero Waste Partnership documents

Businesses and organizations are critical partners in achieving zero waste in Philadelphia by 2035. You can visit the Zero Waste Partnership page to learn more about getting recognized and rewarded for zero waste actions.

These documents include guidance and resources that help businesses pursue zero waste strategies.

Name Description Released Format
Zero Waste Partnership flyer PDF A two-sided color flyer that promotes and explains the partnership. April 01, 2019
Zero Waste Partnership guidelines PDF Guidelines for commercial properties that want to become partners. March 31, 2021
Zero Waste Guide for foodservice establishments PDF How to implement zero waste practices at a restaurant or foodservice establishment, in compliance with City health codes and regulations. August 25, 2021
Zero Waste Guide for Designers PDF A guide for clothing and textile designers to learn about sustainable design strategies, textile management, and resources to support and learn more about zero waste design in the greater Philadelphia area. September 29, 2021