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Adding and managing clients as a third-party tax professional

The documents below contain step-by-step instructions for third-party tax professionals using the Philadelphia Tax Center. Use the instructions to:

  • Start using the system.
  • Request account access from existing taxpayers.
  • Add clients who are new taxpayers in Philadelphia.

When you request access to an existing or new taxpayer’s accounts, the verification process includes sending a physical letter in the mail. The letter goes to your client’s mailing address. It may take you a week or more to complete the initial setup, but this allows us to protect tax and personal information.

Download these documents to your device, or print them for easy reference.

Name Description Released Format
Log in as a third party and request account access PDF Instructions on how to log into the Philadelphia Tax Center if you are a third party tax professional, and how to request access to tax accounts from your existing clients. December 14, 2021
Add clients who are new taxpayers in Philadelphia PDF Instructions on how to add a client who is a new taxpayer in Philadelphia if you are a third party tax professional. December 14, 2021