Tax appeal petition forms and instructions

All Tax Review Board (TRB) reviews begin with the taxpayer or water customer filing of a petition seeking review of a:

  • Waiver of interest and penalty.
  • Review of a denial of a refund or assistance programs.
  • Tax assessment appeals, such as:
    • Licenses and inspections assessments.
    • Refuse, or trash taxes.
    • Wage taxes
    • Business income and receipts taxes.
    • School income taxes.
    • And others.

All disputes are screened for eligibility, tracked, and scheduled for a hearing with either a hearing master or with the TRB.

Name Description Released Format
Tax Review Board appeal petition PDF Use this form to file an appeal with the Tax Review Board and Office of Administrative Review. Instructions are provided. May 16, 2018
Philadelphia Water Department or Water Revenue Bureau petition PDF Use this form to appeal a decision by the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) or the Water Revenue Bureau (WRB). January 31, 2020
Tax Review Board petition instructions PDF Instructions for filing an appeal with the Tax Review Board. March 16, 2018
Tax Review Board solicitud de apelacion PDF Spanish language appeal form. April 13, 2018