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Reconciliation Task Force archives

In June 2018, Mayor Jim Kenney established the Reconciliation Task Force to oversee the reconciliation of City cash accounts. During the reconciliation process, accountants check City finance records and compare them to bank statements.

The task force’s responsibilities included:

  • Coordinating the work of City agencies and outside consultants.
  • Ensuring timely and accurate reconciliations.
  • Establishing and enhancing accounting controls.
  • Reporting the reconciliation progress to the public.

Prior to the task force, in January 2016, Mayor Kenney took office and appointed a new city treasurer, Rasheia Johnson, who discovered some City accounts hadn’t been reconciled in years. The discovery led to a review of the reconciliation process and then monthly reconciliations of the Consolidated Cash account for the first time in three years.

In August 2017, during the reconciliation process, an unreconciled balance of approximately $40 million was discovered in the Consolidated Cash account. Over the following years, the City Treasurer’s Office (CTO) and a nationally recognized accounting firm decreased the unreconciled balance to less than $1 million.

The task force completed its work in January 2019. This page contains archival documents about the Reconciliation Task Force.