Philadelphia Parks & Recreation job opportunities

Below are seasonal job openings for Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Each year, Parks & Rec hires hundreds of seasonal positions, including many lifeguards. Find out how to become a lifeguard. For full-time and other non-seasonal positions visit the Office of Human Resources.

You may also find jobs listed below that are full-time, grant-funded positions.

Name Description Released Format
RSI – Architectural Researcher pdf This temporary position will serve as an Architectural Researcher to primarily write historic Resource Survey Forms (HRSF) for historic sites within the Parks & Recreation system. April 28, 2019
RSI – Love Park Ambassador pdf This temporary position will help maintain a welcoming, safe, clean, and eventful LOVE Park. April 9, 2019
RSI – Street Tree Intern pdf This temporary position will assist with data collection and inventory of street trees by recording the species, size, and location of street trees located in the City of Philadelphia. March 21, 2019
RSI – Movie Night Program Assistant pdf This temporary position will support outdoor Movie Night programming by bringing a screen, projection, and audio equipment to public film showings at select sites. March 19, 2019
RSI – Worksite Monitor pdf This temporary position will oversee summer youth employed at local recreation centers. January 8, 2019