Philadelphia Parks & Recreation job opportunities

Below are seasonal job openings for Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Each year, Parks & Rec hires hundreds of seasonal positions, including many lifeguards. Find out how to become a lifeguard. For full-time and other non-seasonal positions visit the Office of Human Resources.

You may also find jobs listed below that are full-time, grant-funded positions.

Name Description Released Format
RSI – Data Analysis Coordinator pdf This temporary position will respond to customer requests regarding Parks & Rec sites and produce reports based on the information received. June 18, 2019
RSI – Unity Cup Communications Assistant pdf This temporary position will assist with the promotion and coverage of the 2019 Unity Cup soccer tournament. May 29, 2019
RSI – Architectural Researcher pdf This temporary position will serve as an Architectural Researcher to primarily write historic Resource Survey Forms (HRSF) for historic sites within the Parks & Recreation system. April 28, 2019
RSI – Love Park Ambassador pdf This temporary position will help maintain a welcoming, safe, clean, and eventful LOVE Park. April 9, 2019
RSI – Movie Night Program Assistant pdf This temporary position will support outdoor Movie Night programming by bringing a screen, projection, and audio equipment to public film showings at select sites. March 19, 2019