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Philadelphia Parks & Recreation job opportunities

Below are seasonal job openings for Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Each year, Parks & Rec hires hundreds of seasonal positions, including many lifeguards. Find out how to become a lifeguard. For full-time and other non-seasonal positions visit the Office of Human Resources.

You may also find jobs listed below that are full-time, grant-funded positions.

Name Description Released Format
Concessions Clerk (RSI) PDF This part-time, temporary position will serve as the Property & Concessions Clerk with responsibility for liaising with all property and concession tenants, troubleshooting issues, ensuring lease and concession agreement compliance, and various administrative duties. April 25, 2022
Data Analysis Coordinator (RSI) PDF This part-time, temporary position responds to customer requests regarding Parks & Rec facilities and parkland Citywide. These requests are generated through the City’s 311 Customer Service Management System. March 8, 2022
Data Entry Specialist (RSI) PDF This part-time, temporary position will compile and enter street tree information and review and correct data. April 7, 2022
Dell Event Facility Supervisor (RSI) PDF The temporary, part-time position will work closely with the Operations Manager and Lead Consultant to maintain and operate the venue, venue grounds, mechanical systems, and equipment. March 25, 2022
Ecosystem Management Intern (RSI) PDF This temporary, part-time position will help combat the emerald ash borer (EAB) by treating trees with systemic insecticide using micro-injection equipment and collect treatment data on electronic tablets. February 16, 2022
Lifeguard 1 PDF This temporary position safeguards swimmers and performs basic instructions with participants in aquatic activities at Parks & Rec's swimming pools. March 23, 2022
Pool Maintenance Attendant PDF This temporary position is responsible for providing custodial, maintenance, checkroom and/or security services during the summer season at an assigned Parks & Rec swimming pool. March 23, 2022
Seasonal Park Ranger (RSI) PDF This part-time, temporary position will support the efforts of the Park Rangers Unit. This position will primarily focus on providing information and assistance to citizens as well as helping to ensure public safety. February 14, 2022
Seasonal Maintenance Attendant PDF This part-time, temporary position performs turf and grounds maintenance work such as mowing, trimming, seeding and mulching. March 8, 2022
Seasonal Turf Inspector (RSI) PDF This part-time, temporary position will assist the contract administrator in the inspection and monitoring of turf mowing operations. April 26, 2022
WorkReady Worksite Monitor PDF This temporary position will oversee the administrative aspects of the the WorkReady program. WorkReady youth work at local recreation centers. Worksite Monitors serve as a liaison between youth and Parks & Recreation staff. This includes the distribution and collection of various paperwork, working with Parks & Rec staff and youth workers to resolve issues, and ensuring youth workers successfully complete required projects. January 18, 2022