Philadelphia Parks & Recreation job opportunities

Below are seasonal job openings for Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. Each year, Parks & Rec hires hundreds of seasonal positions, including many lifeguards. Find out how to become a lifeguard. For full-time and other non-seasonal positions visit the Office of Human Resources.

You may also find jobs listed below that are full-time, grant-funded positions.

Name Description Released Format
RSI Sustainability Specialist PDF Support the goals of Zero Waste & Litter, and other sustainable practices by collecting, processing, and presenting qualitative and quantitative data for several initiatives. October 4, 2019
Data Entry Associate PDF This part-time position will input and manage data related to the use of PPR facilities, which will assist in quantifying the impact of the Programs Division. Reporting to the Performance Manager, this position will also evaluate the effectiveness and usability of current data management processes and tools. October 17, 2019