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Nighttime Economy in Philadelphia – Progress Report

The Department of Commerce is the economic catalyst for the City of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is home to an amazing array of businesses that provide recreational and social activities at night. That includes our restaurants, cultural venues, bars, clubs, and cinemas which drive the city’s vibrant and creative reputation. In addition, Philadelphia’s growth industries provide critical and functional 24- hour services for the well-being of our residents and visitors, including healthcare, janitorial, warehousing, delivery, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and technology. All of these businesses make up our nighttime economy. The nighttime economy contributes significantly to the employment, revenue, and quality of life in our city, yet currently faces critical challenges that impede its dynamic growth.

Alongside our partners citywide, we remain committed to enhancing our 24-hour city with a thriving nighttime economy that is a dynamic driver of tourism, hospitality, world-class arts, and cultural assets.

Name Description Released Format
Nighttime Economy in Philadelphia – Year One Report PDF December 21, 2023