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Marconi Plaza plan

Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia is one of the city’s largest public open spaces. The Plaza was created in 1913. Broad Street divides the park in two roughly equal parts. The park features grassy areas, athletic fields, play areas, and shaded plazas.

The Plaza has received improvements over the years. But community members wanted other changes. They sought to address park safety and maintenance. They shared ideas for the Plaza’s future.

Parks & Rec worked with the designers Land Collective to create a plan for the Plaza. A public engagement process began in April 2022. The plan was completed in 2023. Work will begin on improvements in 2024. Read a blog post about the planning process and the proposed improvements.

This page hosts documents related to the plan. They include:

  • A summary of the plan which features:
    • Park history.
    • Planning process.
    • List of proposed improvement phases.
  • A summary of the 2022 community engagement process.


Name Description Released Format
Marconi Plaza plan summary PDF This summary of the Marconi Plaza plan includes a brief park history, information about the planning process, and a list of proposed phased improvements. February 2, 2024
Marconi Plaza engagement process summary PDF A brief summary of the community engagement process that collected public input for the Marconi Plaza plan. February 2, 2024