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Commitment to Change signatories

“Planning and Equity: A Commitment to Change” is a statement in which planning directors pledge to correct past harms and create an inclusive future. By signing on, the planning directors commit to:

  • Creating communities that are culturally diverse, livable, and accessible.
  • Preserving, strengthening, and celebrating the culture, assets, institutions, and businesses of BIPOC communities.
  • Promoting the health, economic, social, and cultural resilience of BIPOC communities.
  • Championing housing choice and economic diversity.
  • Addressing environmental injustice.
  • Removing biases from their organizations.

Planning directors across the United States may sign the statement. You can also view a map of the current signatories.

Name Description Released Format
Signatories for Commitment to Change 9-6-2022 PDF January 12, 2023
Signatories for Commitment to Change 9-6-2022 xlsx January 12, 2023