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Office of Homeless Services FY19 Continuum of Care NOFA Documents

These documents include vital documents relating to the PA-500 Notification of Project Acceptance/Rejection for 2019 CoC Competition.

Name Description Released Format
FY2019 NOFA Briefing 7.22.19 PDF This is the presentation delivered on July 22, 2019 about the FY2019 HUD CoC Program Competition. September 12, 2019
Philadelphia 2019 CoC Project Review and Rating Procedure PDF This document outlines the project review and rating procedure. September 12, 2019
Philadelphia CoC FY 2019 Process for Reallocating PDF This document outlines the process for reallocation. September 12, 2019
2019 CoC (PA-500) Ranking 9.12.19 FINAL PDF This is a list of the final rankings for the FY2019 CoC (PA-500). September 19, 2019
Project Priority List FY2019 PDF This document includes the project priority list for FY2019. September 20, 2019
FY2019 CoC Application PA-500 (Board-Approved) – CoC Consolidated Application Final Submission PDF This document contains the entire consolidated application submitted and approved by the CoC board. September 24, 2019
FY2019 CoC Application PA-500 Attachments to the CoC Consolidated Application PDF This contains all the attachments included in the FY2019 CoC consolidated application. September 24, 2019