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Vision, mission, and values


Philadelphia has an equitable and exceptional parks and recreation system that connects people to each other, to enriching experiences, and to the natural world.


The residents of Philadelphia own a treasure of facilities and resources they have entrusted to Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to manage democratically, equitably, and sustainably. Parks & Rec activates and stewards those treasures with programs and services that contribute to the wellness and prosperity of all.


Equity: “Access for all:” We provide accessible, affordable experiences and spaces for all Philadelphians.

Engagement: We engage with residents and each other and prioritize partnerships, stewardship, and responsive customer service.

Experiences: We ensure that our spaces and facilities provide residents with fulfilling and relevant experiences that enrich their lives.

Environment: We protect, preserve, and improve our urban and natural resources to benefit the mental and physical health of our communities.

Empowerment: We empower our staff through leadership and development so they can empower our communities.

Ever-evolving: We adapt and innovate, in order to remain relevant for our changing city.

Excellence: We always go above and beyond, measuring our performance toward continual improvement.

Enjoyment: Our work brings us joy because it brings others joy.