Office of Innovation Management

Changing the way government thinks and works.

Office of Innovation Management

What we do

The Office of Innovation Management empowers City employees and departments to solve challenges in new ways. The team focuses on innovating through people (training and empowering employees to think differently about solving challenges), place (providing a space to encourage collaboration and innovation), and process (seeking, improving, and implementing ideas and initiatives).

Our programs include:

  • Innovation Academy – Training employees in creative problem solving
  • Innovation Lab – Managing a space for employees to work together
  • Innovation Fund – Providing funds for employees to test new ideas
  • Innovation Consulting – Facilitating workshops that help City departments approach problems differently
  • Digital Literacy Alliance – Working to improve digital skills in our communities
  • SmartCityPHL – Using advanced technology to improve resident services


1234 Market St.
18th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Andrew Buss
Deputy CIO for Innovation Management

Andrew directs the Innovation Management group within Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology. Aligned closely with the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, Innovation Management focuses on developing capacity for innovation within municipal government and finding ways to make technology accessible and meaningful to the public. Before moving into the innovation space, Andrew directed Philadelphia’s implementation of a citywide network of technology-enabled community centers known as Keyspots. Andrew earned a graduate degree in geography from Temple University in Philadelphia and continues to teach there as an adjunct instructor.


Name Job title Phone #
Jeanne Adamson Content Strategy Practice Lead
Juliet Fink-Yates Digital Inclusion Fellow
Sara Hall UX Practice Lead
Joanna Hecht Pitch & Pilot Fellow
Labonno Islam Digital Engagement and Communications Specialist
Kyle Odum Director of Creative Services
Stephanie Orlando Innovation Coordinator
Eliza Pollack Director of Innovation
Ashley Pollard K-12 Digital Access Program Manager
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