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COVID-19 vaccine

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Office of Fleet Management

Efficiency measures

By developing a more efficient fleet, the Office of Fleet Management (OFM) saves the City money and works toward a greener Philadelphia.

Cost-saving efforts

OFM reduces costs to the City by:

  • Using central electronic systems to track vehicle use and repair.
  • Working with City departments to develop gas budgets.
  • Monitoring fuel use with a digital dispensing system. Every time a City vehicle fills up at one of our sites, we track the number of gallons and cost per gallon.
  • Updating our garages to improve efficiency. A recent LED lighting retrofit at Fleet Shop 134 resulted in an annual savings of $40,000.
  • Removing unsafe, outdated, or surplus vehicles and selling them through MuniciBid.

Environmental protections

By making the City’s fleet more environmentally friendly, we can encourage smart fuel and vehicle choices in the community. OFM protects the environment by:

  • Using digital systems to monitor tanks at our fuel sites.
  • Purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles and exploring the use of alternative fuels. Today, half of all cars purchased by the City use alternative fuels or get at least 30 miles per gallon.
  • Participating in city-wide conversations about carbon pollution and contributing to the City’s clean energy plans.