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City of Philadelphia

Keystone Opportunity Zones

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania created The Keystone Opportunity Zone Program in 1999 to spur investment in areas where little or no development has taken place. Since its inception, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia amended the program to designate new sites throughout the City. A complete list is available.
Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZs) are defined, parcel-specific areas where a KOZ property owner and/or business located in a KOZ receives greatly reduced or tax-free status.

Waived or reduced taxes include:

State Taxes

  • Corporate Net Income
  • Capital Stock & Foreign Franchise Tax
  • Personal Income Tax (Partnerships & Sole Proprietors)
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax
  • Insurance Premiums Tax

City Taxes

  • Business Income and Receipts Tax
  • Net Profits Tax
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Sales and Use