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City of Philadelphia

Works of Art

Proposals for Works of Art to be Commissioned or Purchased by any City Department, donated to the City or placed on City property.
A cover letter containing:

Names and contact information for the sponsoring City Department, donor or owner of work to be placed on City property and artist(s);

Narrative describing the site, the associated construction project, the selection process for the work of art and the work of art itself.

Parties responsible for maintenance, and status of maintenance agreement

Photographs of the proposed site as it exists at the time of application.

Photographs must be of good quality and taken at the time of application. Older photographs are acceptable only when needed to show former conditions.

For proposals associated with construction projects that are not yet complete, architectural and/or site drawings showing the area where the work of art will be placed as it will appear when complete.

Drawings and/or photographs of models showing the proposed work of art in its proposed location. Where possible, the actual model should be brought to the presentation meeting.

Drawings showing materials and colors for the proposed work of art and methods of installation on the building or site, including, where necessary, engineering documents.

For existing works of art to be acquired, photographs of the actual work.
For proposals to locate works of art owned by others on City Property, evidence of review and approval by the City department which controls the proposed site and, if different, the department with whom the maintenance agreement will be executed.


All proposals for works of art to be acquired by the City or placed on City property will be reviewed by the Art and Architecture Committee.

The City’s Public Art Director will be responsible for requesting review of any work of art to be acquired by the City, in addition to submitting 12 copies of the submission package required by section 7.1 for placement on the Art and Architecture Committees meeting agenda. In so doing, the Public Art Director shall certify that the proposal has been reviewed and endorsed by the appropriate
staff, panel or committee of that office.

Proposals to locate works of art to be owned by others on City property may be submitted by the owner of the work of art or by the City department which controls the proposed site.
The Art and Architecture Committee will review proposals for all new works of art in two stages:
Concept Review - early stage design review of general concept and siting. The Commission may give final approval at the concept stage if the project is, in the Commissions view, sufficiently well developed.

Final Design Review advanced stage design review of all aspects of the design and installation of the work of art, including materials and lighting, incorporating comments made by the committee at the previous review stage.