Department of Records - City of Philadelphia


October 10 2008 - New Document Recording Requirements

Notice of change in Recording Requirements

Effective November 3, 2008

Pursuant to City Council Bill No. 080424-A, new requirements apply to deed documents submitted for recording.


New Requirements


Deed Name Match

A name match of the seller's name and the buyer's name on the prior deed transaction will be performed.



If the grantor involves decedent's letters of testamentary or administration; grantor is a trustee; grantor is a corporation; grantor is signing under a power of attorney, documentation as specified in the bill must be submitted with the deed.


US Postal Mail

If the deed is sent by US Postal mail, the mail must be certified or registered.


Certain exceptions to the above do apply.

If you are an attorney or a title company, you can submit an Affidavit Form for each deed submitted for recording. If this Affidavit form is submitted, the requirements listed above do not apply.


Affidavit Form




Bill No 080424-A

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Title Company - Definition in PA Statute
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