Department of Records - City of Philadelphia


October 23 2007 - 24-Hour Reporting Period for Cycle 5

The 24 Hour Reporting Period for Cycle 5 begins today, October 23rd, and ends on the 5th of November.  The 24 Hour Reporting Period, also referred to as Cycle 9, is for filing Late Contributions or Late Expenditures (depending on the filer type) for Cycle 5.  To learn how to file a 24 Hour Report using the SmartClient, please see section 6.1 (page 44) of the User's Guide.  If you wish to file using other methods, you can file a Cycle 9 Campaign Finance Report in the online entry system or use either the 24 Hour Late Contributions Excel Template or 24 Hour Late Independent Expenditures Excel Template.


What is the Campaign Finance law in regard to filing a 24 Hour report?

According to Campaign Finance Reporting law (Section 1628 (25 P.S.? 3248), any candidate or political committee, authorized by a candidate and created solely for the purpose of influencing an election on behalf of that candidate, which receives any contribution or pledge of five hundred dollars ($500) or more, and any person making an independent expenditure, as defined by this act, of five hundred dollars ($500) or more after the final pre-election report has been deemed completed, shall report such contribution, pledge or expenditure to the appropriate supervisor. Such report shall be sent by the candidate, chairman or treasurer of the political committee within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the contribution. It shall be the duty of the supervisor to confirm the substance of such report. The report shall be made by telegram, mailgram, overnight mail or facsimile transmission. Any candidate in his own behalf, or chairman, treasurer or candidate in behalf of the political committee may also comply with this section by appearing personally before such supervisor and reporting such late contributions or pledges.


For more information on this State Campaign Finance law, please visit: