Financial assistance is available for businesses citywide! The Business Security Camera Program encourages businesses to purchase and install exterior security cameras on commercial properties. The program seeks to increase safety for shoppers, residents, and employees. 

The Business Security Camera Program is a program of the Department of Commerce supporting equitable neighborhood revitalization efforts where businesses can safely operate and actualize their dreams within commercial areas.

Business owners share their stories

In this series, we are highlighting the stories of small businesses that purchased and installed exterior cameras on their commercial properties in Philadelphia.  Hear from James Singleton (JS), the owner of Smooth Like That in the Olney neighborhood about what the Business Security Camera Program means for him and his business:

Tell us a little bit about your business. What services does your business provide?

JS:  Smooth Like That is an up-scale fashion store, successfully in business for over twenty-five years. Our menswear comes in all shapes and sizes. We also offer free consultation and have a professional tailor onsite. As part of my business model, we work to do good service for the people who live in the Olney neighborhood and all across the city when they come visit us. 

 What does having a storefront in Philadelphia mean to you?

JS: I began in this line of work at 16 years old working in a men’s clothing store for about 20 years. Then one day, I decided that I could start my own clothing store. I’ve been doing this for 44 years now, and having a storefront means a lot to me. I love supporting my customers, who in return spread the word about my business due to satisfied services.

 What would you want your customers to know and feel when they enter your storefront?

JS: I want everyone to feel like they are receiving specialized support and customer service. We dress every man, for any occasion, custom tailored to fit them perfectly. My customers would tell me that they need something for the weekend, and we pick a couple options and see which ones they like best. The trust with our customers is special. 

When did your business apply for the Business Security Camera Program and why?

JS: I wanted to have as many exterior security cameras around my storefront, as there can be a lot going on out there. These cameras are also helpful for police officers if there may be an incident in the area.

What impact does the program have on your business? What difference(s) have you seen since the exterior surveillance cameras have been installed?  

JS: These cameras are good for the commercial area making everyone feel safer, as though there are eyes out there to keep watch of activities. It helps you see who may be out there beforehand and take as many precautions as possible, which is very helpful. 

Would you recommend a business owner to apply for the Business Security Camera Program, and why?

JS: Yes, I would recommend business owners to apply for this funding. The exterior security cameras on your commercial properties can help you be and feel safer. These cameras also help you know what’s happening around your storefront before you open in the morning and before you close in the evening. 

 Anything else that you’d like to share with us?

JS: The Department of Commerce staff are great people.  If I have a problem with my exterior security cameras, I call them up and they make sure the cameras are working properly. Great people, great team, including North 5th Street Revitalization Project

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