On Friday, March 15, Philabundance served 1,000 fully prepared meals at Community School, Richard R. Wright. Attendees received a purple tote bag with an offering of rice and vegetable or chicken curry and enjoyed the sounds of old-school jams played from a speaker.

It was all part of State Senator Sharif Street’s 4th annual Driving Hunger Away During Ramadan (DHADR) initiative, co-hosted with Philabundance and with a goal to distribute 7,600 nutritious and culturally appropriate meals to communities in need in Philadelphia for 30 days. With visits planned to numerous sites throughout the city, the initiative made Wright School and Paul L. Dunbar School, both Community Schools based in North Philadelphia, among their stops.

Monday, March 11, marked the start of Ramadan, a worldwide practice celebrated by Muslims as a time of increased worship, community, charity, and good deeds.

At the two-hour Wright school event, community members also had the opportunity to gather information from resource tables hosted by the Office of Children and Families, Philabundance, the School District of Philadelphia, and the Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity. Smiles were in abundance during the food-give away.

“What better way to celebrate this holiday?” Senator Street said, “During Thanksgiving, we give out turkeys; at Christmas, we give out toys – now, during Ramadan, we feed people.”

This Friday, March 22, Philabundance will give away another 1,000 prepared meals at Paul L. Dunbar, located at 1750 North 12th Street, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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