To Young Philadelphia & Our Allies

We made it. 

I know how incredibly trying the past couple of years have been. As a family we’ve navigated a global pandemic, virtual learning & social distancing, generation-shifting elections, social unrest, and challenges with everything from mental health to gun violence. And yet, we’re still here.

I am so proud of you & us. Every time I have ever needed hope or a reminder that everything would be okay, I looked to our inspiring young leaders. You all are so uniquely designed and prepared for this moment in time. You have such a resilient spirit. You act in spite of your fears, and don’t think twice about standing up for what’s right. 

Young Philly, you have taught me more than I could have ever imagined about the true meaning of public service: it’s working to ensure that you leave a more peaceful, equitable, and joyful society for the next generation. It’s simple.

I’ve so appreciated your grace and support as we collaborated on everything from voter registration drives, community conversations, to back to school pep rallies. We opened the doors of City Hall to hundreds of young people from all over the city, and made intentional efforts to bridge the gap between our youth, City leadership, and elected officials. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you. Thank you so much for challenging our office to dig deeper, reach higher, and work harder.

As we leave 2023 behind, I am so excited and deeply encouraged by what 2024 will bring. We have a ton to do, but many hands make little work. Looking forward to working alongside you in your communities, in your schools, on your blocks, in your churches, mosques & synagogues – anywhere that you need us. We’ll be there.

Together, and only together, we will continue to make Philadelphia safer, cleaner, greener, kinder, prouder, and more joyful than ever. Believe that.

Have a peaceful & restorative remainder of the year. Ever forward.


Director, Mayor’s Office of Youth Engagement


About the Mayor’s Office of Youth Engagement:

The Mayor’s Office of Youth Engagement (OYE) was created in 2017 to be a megaphone for the voices of young people in Philadelphia.

Our mission is to encourage & restore young resident’s faith in civic leadership & municipal government by creating brave spaces for them to reimagine & co-design the Philadelphia they want to live in.