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Philadelphia Youth Commission

Ensuring that decisions made for youth, involve youth in Philadelphia.

Our mission

The Philadelphia Youth Commission (PYC) works with the City, community organizations, nonprofits, and private entities to improve the lives of Philadelphia’s youth. Members of the PYC:

  • Advise the Mayor, City Council, Philadelphia Schools, and other decision-makers on issues relating to young people.
  • Comment on legislation and policies that impact youth.
  • Create public service programs that improve the lives of youth.
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of youth programs and policies.
  • Partner with neighborhood youth organizations on shared issues.


City Hall
Room 115
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Work Phone:
(215) 686-2159


Alfredo Praticò, Chair

Jessica Bernal-Caméjo, Vice-Chair of Advocacy

Alisia Flemings, Vice-Chair of Communications

Qawyyah Powers, Secretary

Abigail Brown

Andrew Walker

Azeemah Solomon

Brianna Morales

Doha Ibrahim

Hannah Lac

Jude Husein

Mia Velez

Mica Moultrie-Bullock

Qawwyah Powers

Ramier Jones

Richard Ling

Sophie Gala

Standing committees

The Youth Commission’s standing committees address issues that are important to young people. These committees:

  • Discuss and share ideas.
  • Review legislation.
  • Make recommendations to the City and other organizations.

The Education Committee promotes quality education in Philadelphia. They work with local school districts and the City to improve our schools.

The Public Safety Committee focuses on youth violence, the police, and the juvenile justice system. They aim to break the cycle of violence and teach young people how to safely resolve conflicts.

The Health and Recreation Committee works to improve the well-being of young Philadelphians. This includes their environment and their access to recreation. As part of their work, committee members arrange programming about health and human services.

The Jobs and Economics Committee helps young Philadelphians become more job-ready. They focus on internship opportunities and youth employment.