Neighborhood businesses are the heart of communities across Philadelphia, providing jobs, goods and services for residents. Support comes in many ways, and an act of kindness can change lives. Here’s what you can do right now to support local businesses during the holiday season – and all year round:

Shop in-person at neighborhood commercial corridors

Philadelphia has dozens of commercial corridors, which are anchors for communities across the city. From Germantown, South Philly to the Northeast, visit diverse shopping districts all over the city for discounts, events, and more.  When you shop small, you also support the health of our local environments, while stimulating the local economy.

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Share resources, kindness, and opportunities

Supporting one another rejuvenates and brightens our meanings of community. How do you seek to show up for yourself and those around you this holiday season? You can:

  • Shop intentionally. Looking for local gift guides? Check out Temple University Small Business Development Center, PIDCs 2023 Shop Small, Shop Local Gift Guides and Visit Philly Shop Philly Black- and Brown-Owned Businesses guide.
  • Extend an act of kindness to a local business owner.
  • Express gratitude and well wishes to one another.
  • Say hello to a business owner when you pass by.
  • Keep commercial corridors clean. Thank you PHL TCB Cleaning Ambassadors!
  • Do a skill share of opportunities and resources.
  • Know the favorite meal of a business owner in your neighborhood? Share a meal.

Share your favorite businesses with your friends

The holiday season can be a financially stressful time for folks. If you’re not able to purchase anything from your favorite shops right now, consider sharing their posts on social media or encourage your friends and family to support them if they can. Word-of-mouth can make a difference.

Hashtag #ShopPHL when you visit your favorite local stores. Find shopping guides and share with as many people as you can. Join groups that are sharing fun events and businesses.

Buy gift cards

Many of your favorite local shops and restaurants sell gift cards onsite and online. Purchase a gift card for a friend, family members, or yourself to spread your support to multiple neighborhood businesses.  Consider donating gift cards to organizations that need resources. For example, buy an art store gift card for an art teacher.

Dine out

Philadelphia’s diverse restaurants not only help to power the local economy, but they also give the city’s neighborhoods their distinct character. Have a special meal with your family to celebrate the winter holidays. From South 7th street, Hunting Park, to South Street, Philadelphia is diverse with delicious cultural cuisines.

Mayor Kenney

Order food to go 

Continue to stay warm during the holiday season and take good care of yourself. Most restaurants across the city offer delivery, curbside pick-up, and takeout options. Check in with your favorite neighborhood spot to fuel a night of gift wrapping. You can also purchase a gift certificate to use when you’re hungry again later. Try to tip restaurant staff and delivery people generously and consider ordering directly from the restaurant.

Celebrate local creatives and entrepreneurs

Creativity brings people together and stirs meaningful conversations. Are there creative spaces that have helped you become the person that you are today? Are there creatives, singers, artisans in Philadelphia who have helped you see the world a little brighter? Celebrate them by making your own forms of art and remembering the impact that they have brought to your life.

Attend holiday and pop-up markets

Businesses are offering many holiday deals throughout the city during the holiday season. Neighborhoods are filled with colorful lights and business owners are ready to welcome you with joyful spirits. Gather your friends for a tour of holiday markets this season.

Share stories

Businesses are all around us, from the zoo, restaurants to historical museums in Philadelphia. Share with loved ones your favorite meals, and experiences at various places. Make a list during the holiday season of places you would like to visit now and throughout the years to come. Maybe start a new family tradition? Let the stories of Philadelphia’s vibrant and multicultural businesses transport you into many creative possibilities.

Share positive reviews 

Let’s encourage one another to keep pursuing our dreams, passion and innovative ideas. Take a couple seconds to leave a positive review for a local business that you love. Support artisans, creatives, and marketplaces. The more we help each other, the more we thrive.