The Department of Licenses and Inspection (L&I) strives to improve the way we do business. Therefore, each year, L&I conducts annual Focus Group Sessions with their stakeholders to gather feedback and identify potential improvement initiatives.

Some major changes L&I has made in previous years include, but are not limited to:

  • the eCLIPSE portal for online permit submissions with continued enhancements.
  • the Permit Navigation Program.
  • on-going offerings of training webinars.
  • expanded remote support operations such as increased chat hours and virtual appointments.

In addition to how  L&I  is doing well and initiatives that were found to be helpful, some feedback received during this year’s Focus Group Sessions included suggested improvements, such as efforts to improve communication of code requirements and better support of non-English speaking customers.

Department Action

From the feedback provided, L&I  will continue to make upgrades to its services and focus on improvements to process, communications, and technology to better serve their stakeholders.

We look forward to improving our services.  If you would like to participate, our next Focus Group Session is in fall 2024.