Are you as excited to get your COVID vaccine as we are? Maybe? 

Even if you’re not that excited about another jab, getting vaccinated is still the best way to avoid a severe case of COVID-19 this winter. And that’s why you should get it, especially if you’re high-risk. 

Since the federal government approved the new COVID vaccine on September 12, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and clinics have been ordering it. However, with so many places looking to get the vaccine it’s been rather slow in coming. 

If you’re excited about getting your COVID vaccine, or not excited but know it’s for the best, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Call your vaccine provider ahead of time to make sure they have a COVID vaccine for you before you show up. 
  • If you are low-risk, meaning you’re NOT over the age of 65, pregnant, have chronic health conditions, smoke, or overweight or obese, consider waiting a week or two before setting an appointment to get vaccinated. You’ll be more likely to find a vaccine then. 
  • Parents will be much more likely to find a pediatric dose of COVID-19 vaccine around the beginning of October. 
  • Before setting an appointment for a vaccine, confirm that your insurance considers your vaccine provider “in network.” Federal rules have changed this year, and insurance providers are allowed to charge for “out of network” vaccinations. 

Remember, getting your new COVID vaccine can help with keeping you out of the hospital this year, which is why the Health Department strongly recommends that everyone in Philadelphia who is older than 6 months get vaccinated. And within the next few weeks, we expect the vaccine to be widely available.